Collection – when you are not being paid

When your customers are not paying as agreed, it puts you in a difficult situation. While you do need to receive your money, you want to preserve and build a good long-term customer relationship. As your external partner, we can act with clarity and firmness to ensure that you receive the payment that you have agreed on.

Personal advice about collection

We place a great deal of weight on providing personal service. As a customer of ours, we focus fully on you and your company. Our staff have many years’ experience within the sector, and aim always to take the right action on the right occasion. Our case handlers adapt their approach to suit you and your company, and what we regard as important. This means that you have support and help in everything that involves your case. The partnership agreement between you and us, for example, includes advice on demand procedures, demand policy and legal issues. We have experience of all types of procedures, including electricity receivables, evictions, payment demand, bankruptcies and civil litigation. In addition, we handle cases throughout the world with our own representatives.

Fast collection demands increase the chances of success

All our experience shows that there is a clear connection between how old a receivable is and the prospects for receiving payment. The earlier you decide to take collection action, the more likely it is that you will receive full payment of your receivable. That is why we send out a collection demand on the same day that you give us the assignment. In many cases, we find a solution that both parties are satisfied with. We have procedures and systems for achieving the desired outcome rapidly. Through our client website, you always have access to your case, and you can see what is happening.

We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with G Inkasso. They handle our collection cases in a professional manner and achieve excellent results. They are highly accessible, and they are a great bunch to work with.

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